24 Day Challenge: The Results

Hey yo.

I’m late to this party, but post 24 Day Challenge by about a month now and I’m happy to say that I’m still seeing the results. On the left, is me on day 1. On the right, day 24.

I didn’t get the flat stomach I was hoping (completely unrealistic, but a girl can dream!) but it did go down noticeably. But it wasn’t about the fat loss. Well not just about the fat loss.

24 Day Challenge


I felt SO much better during and after. I felt happy and healthy and strong. Coach Sam even said I was a different person. It honest to god made my workouts much better. I was faster and quicker and I could breathe better. My workouts during this time were more running, but I’m pretty sure it helped me get to my 10 Miler.

The hardest thing about it was the fiber drink at the beginning, but with a little Spark, it wasn’t that bad. Also taking all of the supplements was a little tedious but after a day or two it just became routine. So minor things that made a huge difference. I’m looking forward to doing another one soon!


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