In my shoes. Literally. And my stomach progression.

Someone is. Right now. Just walking their ass around in my shoes. And not just any shoes- oh no. My Adidas Powerlifter 2’s. How, you ask? They broke into my Jeep Tuesday night, threw everything around, left my New Balance’s and stole my half used bottle of Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend perfume from the dash and my lifting shoes. They are stupid assholes, for a few reasons:

1. I wear a men’s lifter, but I’m also a girl. I have a big size foot for a lady (size 10) but from what I’m told, my 8.5 mens shoes are pretty small. So I hope you have teeny, tiny hands, teeny tiny feet to fit in them, and a teeny, tiny little sad penis to match. 

2. They’re LIFTERS. The bottom of those things are hard and flat, on purpose. You can walk in them, but not super easy. I am hoping to cheese that this little punk ass shit saw my shoes, thought ‘Oooo, Adidas!’, stole them, tried them on, and was like ‘what the shit is this’? They deserve the disappointment.

I know that they are just shoes, but I don’t have the $90 to replace them right now, and they actually meant something to me. Every time I wore them, I got stronger. Every time I put them on, I got a little further from the unhealthy girl I was. They made me a better person. Momma said they was my magic shoe-ews.

So yeah, I’m upset. And they stole them from my house- it creeps me out to know some prick was that close to where we sleep. I hope though that they’re wearing them one day, because I’m going to be able to roll up and chase them down, since, you know, my feet will be able to bend and I can run them down. Assholes.

RIP babies. I hope you’re happy out there, somewhere.




In other news- Day 4 of my Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I feel REALLY good. Spark- holy crap that stuff is amazing. Not one single cup of coffee in 4 days, not one single yawn until bedtime, and I’ve been sleeping better too. Below is my progress thus far. I haven’t really seen anything but I am told to let the Cleanse Phase do it’s job, so I’m keeping the faith. I’ve posted my friend/Coach Tyler’s results, and they’re pretty inspiring. But I’ve felt great during my workouts and amazing all the times in between. I decided to do it because I just can’t lose my freaking stomach, no matter what I am doing, so I wanted the help. Plus I just wanted to up my nutrition. I’m eating ridiculously clean nowadays and so I feel like my food intake is good. I like that I get to eat actual, regular food the whole time. There’s no meal replacement shakes all day here for this girl. I need FOOD.  But I’m not going to kid anyone- I want to get in better shape and if I get even half the results as everyone else I’ve seen, then I’ll be happy.  I’m going to document every day in the same bikini and see what I get. Hopefully I won’t look 4 months pregnant anymore, and this really amazing feeling of good will continue. Please excuse my stomach. And my lack of boobies. I should be really embarrassed but I just don’t care what trolls think and I promised to be transparent. First pic is my profile when I started working out a year ago, to now. I’m proud of me, but it needs to go all the way away.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.25.35 PMimage


I bought that bikini because I’m big on the law of attraction, and I wanted to buy it like I could wear it already, and then eventually I will. So far, I haven’t, but one day I will. One day.

Ty's 24 Day Challenge

Ty’s 24 Day Challenge

I’m getting back to WOD’s now, but I’m still running. Training has been insane but I’m so committed and determined. I have definitely learned that I am just not a running nut, and I really missed my CrossFit. But the running has helped my endurance and I feel like it’s helping with my weightless goals, so I’m going to keep it up. Plus I’ve met some awesome people, so it’s worth it! But back to CrossFit:

I’ve reduced the weight during my WOD’s because my Coach Kyle said that for losing weight, lighten up the weight, move faster, and get your heart rate up. Also, I was told that when I started running, my PR’s would slow, and they have. Why is that? Has anyone else had the same thing happen? So I’ve taken the weight down, but this also now means that I’m getting WOD’s done in 5-10 minutes. After a year, I’m still trying to find my happy medium. So if you’ve just started CrossFit, and you’re wondering when it will all click in, just know that those of us that have been doing it for awhile are exactly in the same boat as you. Hang in there and keep going!


Nano Nano!


Ugh, I missed you so.

I hope everyone is having a great week and is excited about College Football coming back as I am. Even though my QB went down and I have a true freshman that I’ve never seen and isn’t a dual threat, I’m still excited. I am going to hit the hay and get this recovery started! Have a great night!



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