The Games and Whole30

You guys.  I am totally geeking out right now. I stayed in almost this entire weekend when there was no rain and the weather was hot (which I love). Coulda gone to the beach. Coulda gone to Disney. Coulda gone to the pool. But nope, I ran home and watched The Games. And do I regret that? NOPE.

This is my first time paying attention to The Games. This time last year, I had just started working out and CrossFit terrified me, so I didn’t really understand the competition.

This year, The Games have been the perfect reminder of why I started, how much I love it, and why I’ve stuck with it. I have so, so much work to do, but I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far EVER if it weren’t for the people- the coaches and my fellow athletes. I’m still not particularly awesome at it, but I’ll get there- I’m confident in that, again, because of the people. The athletes that competed in this year’s Games were the true personification of good sportsmanship, and their camaraderie can teach us all something about ourselves as human beings.

I hope the people who are the biggest naysayers of CrossFit watched at least some of the Games, and seeing that when taught right (like at CFTB) CrossFit is beautiful., but the community that surrounds it is the most beautiful thing about it.

Congrats to Camille and Rich! The Fittest on Earth!


Whole 30 update:

Thank god for Club Soda. No joke. We did venture out for some dinner last night after The Games wrapped and it was a place on the beach with a really good 2 man band. we sat and watched the sunset and normally I would have a cider or a beer but obviously I couldn’t. So instead I got club soda with lime. It felt like I was drinking a cocktail, even though I wasn’t. I even started tricking my brain into thinking its Sprite. It kind of works. Almost.

But really, it hasn’t been too bad at all. Last week’s meals were relatively the same: eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast. Shredded chicken, with sweet potato and broccoli for lunch, and pretty much the same thing for dinner. I knew I would get bored with that, so i did some research and I was an absolute beast in the kitchen today. I made:

  • Mofongo
  • Shredded chicken
  • Whole 30 approved Picadillo
  • Caulirice
  • Maduros
  • PaleOMG’s Chorizo meatloaf shepherd’s pie, without the chorizo or the adobo sauce because of the sugar
  • guacamole
  • Boiled yucca

Yep, I went nuts, but I won’t get bored this week.

The things I miss most are the sweets, even though they’re Paleo. I can’t even have a sweet potato brownie right now, or a scoop of paleo ice-cream. And since it’s a temperature of Satan’s balls outside, that kinda sucks.

But this morning the scale read 171. So I think I’ll keep it up!


Someone asked me what my workout schedule looks like, so I’ll post it below. Have a great week everyone!


This weeks workout schedule looks as so:

Monday and Tuesday

Day: Lifting or WOD

Night: Running for Brews


Night: WOD and then Lift


Day: Lift or Wod

Night: Running for Brews


Day: Lifting

Night: WOD


Active recovery





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