The Games, Running, and Whole30

You guuuysssssss. It’s time for THE GAMES! I’ve been watching at work, keeping a teeny tiny web window open in the bottom corner so I can see what’s going on. I’ve been so impressed with the masters group. These people are over 60 and they’d kick my butt all over the place. It’s just so amazing to watch these people, at any age, just be complete masters of their bodies. Really. I am awed and humbled.

So I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t spent nearly as much time in the box lately as I should. I did go to a fabulous snatch clinic put on by my coach Sam and I have to say, she was super stellar in getting back to basics. My snatch has never looked so good. I’m really getting into lifting. I love it so. I love feeling strong and like I could look at everyday appliances and know I could lift them above my head. But I also need to get better across the board, and that’s what brought me to running.

Ugh, running. My arch nemesis. The thing I hate most in this world. I just wanted to not hate it anymore. Everyone else gets to run in pretty shoes and get blasted with colored something or other, and put little stickers on their cars, and I wanted to do that too. Plus I really think that adding more cardio will help me with the WOD’s. So we joined a new group called Running For Brews, where basically we run a 5k and then drink after. My friend Jess is an avid runner who does interval running, and I thought that would be a good way to get introduced to longer distances- and it totally was. We were pulling down a 5k of 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking at first around 40 minutes, and now we’ve got it down to about 35-37. In a month’s time, running 3 times a week. I didn’t think that was too bad, eh? She tried to kill me on Tuesday and ran super fast, and after about mile 2 I started to cramp on my side, so I slowed it down for a little while, but still came in under 40. So score. I have, however, signed up for 2 5k’s thus far, and I plan to have more in my future. One is the Flavor Run, here in Tampa in September. I even got my momma to sign up and do it with me. I’m pretty excited to share the experience with her. I also signed up for the Disney Princess 5k in February. And you best believe I am rocking a tiara for that shit.


I also wanted to see if running would help spur some weight loss. I’ve just been stuck. First I was stuck around 185 for a few months. Now I’m hovering at 176 (so yay, 9 lb weight loss!). Even after a month of running and CrossFit. And it’s just not happening. So I made the decision to try Whole30. No alcohol, no paleofied treats. For 30 days. I mean, really in the scheme of things, this shouldn’t be hard. But why is it that the second you restrict yourself, you can’t stop thinking of everything you can’t have? I think the worst part about this is that we decided to cut out coffee too. Oh, my beloved coffee, I miss you so much already. The thing I like about Paleo is that I never really felt restricted because there’s always a Paleo version of something I’m craving (like these sweet potato brownies, HELLOOOO).  But this is some serious stuff. So far, I’m 3 days in and I haven’t really hurt for anything. Now, I still have a long way to go, but at the same time, it’s only 27 more days. I can tell you though, when it’s over, sweet potato brownies are in my future. But I’m hoping to feel as amazing as everyone describes feeling when it’s all said and done. I guess we shall see.


Ok peeps. I am beat and I have to go to the dermatologist tomorrow to get some moles checked out. If I have to get any removed I’ll be out of commission for almost 2 weeks, and that totally bums me the heck out. But let’s put some positive thoughts out there that nothing gets taken!


Gnite, chaps!


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