Beauty in the strangest places

Aren’t my girls gorgeous? These right here say RX weight deadlifts. I love them. They make me feel like a badass. They make me feel alive. They make me want more.


What’s wrong with me? 😀

So good news, I finally broke 185, down to 181. FINALLY. If that’s not motivating, then I don’t know what is. Come on big ol’ 170’s!

So my progress check in:

– I can do pull-ups with just the green band pretty consistently now. I’m going to try to move down to purples here in the next 2 weeks or so

– I am killing it on regular pushups. I somehow find hand release pushups much easier than regular. Does anyone else feel that way? I did 49 HR pushups in 3 minutes yesterday.

– My deadlift PR was 245 on Saturday

– I’m cleaning 100lbs pretty easily, so this Saturday I’ll be working on adding more weight. I also want to start adding more to my snatch. I’ll be working that at noon tomorrow!



  1. Hmmmmm hand release push up is intriguing. And HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, 245??!!! Dang tell me in 7 months I can do that! And its funny I found your bruise pic today of all days. I’m sporting some hard core bruise’s on my arms from tire flips annnnd kinda proud of them too. Found you from reddit, Hi.:)

    • I think bruises make us even more sexy. And heck yes, you can DL 245, probably faster than I did. Go get it, girl!

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