I don’t think I could be more touched and appreciative of the comments and messages I’ve gotten from people all over the place since I posted that post last night. Seriously, you guys warm my heart. It’s also been incredibly awesome to have people reach out asking if they could do CrossFit, or saying that they’re now considering it because of what I wrote. That right there, that’s the whole entire reason for my post, for this blog, for putting it out there. So people can see that you can have a trunk the size of a 19-whateveryeartrunkswerereallybig Buick full of junk, and still do it. I wouldn’t lie about it, I have nothing to gain from getting someone into a box. But I know what someone could have to gain by going, and that’s what I like to see.


So Gary Roberts called me last night. He’s my own personal CrossFit celebrity, so that was pretty freaking cool. I left dinner on the stove, and it kind of burned, but it was worth it, yo. When Gary Roberts calls, you PICK UP THE PHONE.


Hearing from everyone was complete motivation for me to get up off my super comfy lounger on my front porch, drag myself across a bridge with 2 accidents on it (Tampa traffic is a WHOLE ‘notha story that we’ll get to) and Seriously, today was one of those perfect weather days: not too hot, not chilly, not a cloud in the sky. I had a crazy morning working with a company helping them establish a Digital Marketing Manager role, and then came home to have a few calls with vendors (We own a sweet little container gardening online store), and I just wasn’t feeling it today. The sun was shining on me, there was wine in my fridge (and there still is, woot woot to not being a lush!), the air smelled salty and delicious. I just didn’t feel like it. But thanks to y’all, I did it. I felt like I owed it to you guys, for your support and love. And even though I’ve been accused of being an attention whore, I can assure you that is not at all what this is about. I need you guys to keep me honest and motivated. And hopefully someone will need to read what I write as the final factor in making a change.

The WOD today wasn’t too bad, but the warmup was brutal. 2-400 meter runs. On a Friday. What kinda bull ESS is that? Just kidding, but man do I hate running. I think it’s because I really can’t breathe well when I run, and I don’t like that smothering feeling. I know some people REALLY like it, if you know what I mean- winkety wink- but erotic asphyxiation isn’t my idea of a good time, and I think that’s why I hate running with a passion that burns as hot as the fire of a thousand suns. We also had to do wall walks which were really frustrating. I am not at all a bendy person, and I’m really not at all graceful. I had never done handstands, even as a kid, so wall walks were terrifying. I practiced them pretty hard last week and I felt confident in the movement, but today, my arms felt like they were going to give out and I was going to face plant into cement. Luckily I didn’t but I did make some pretty hasty descents down the wall. I was mad at myself but tried to remind me that I couldn’t even get as high as I was a few weeks ago, so it was still an accomplishment.

Now I’m home, feeling super thankful for everyone and the conversations I’ve had in the last 24 hours. I think one of the things that makes CrossFit CrossFit is the camaraderie we share, and the willingness to push each other on to be our best.


So thanks, everyone.


Ok, so I’m a Sagittarius, and it’s hard for me to get sappy, so that right there, that was the equivalent to a full on Miss America crowning breakdown for me. It was very powerful.


Ok, no more feelings. Oh and GO TEAM CFTB at the Raid Games in Orlando this weekend! My coaches and box mates are going to kick some serious booooootay!



  1. Hey girl!

    I loved reading your blog! I’m in my first month of crossfit and am loving it. I really enjoyed hearing your experience! I think you’ve done such a great job and keep it up! Any time you’re in Massachusetts, hit me up!


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